Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday night- the best night

Today I have lucky number 4 on my HOT GUY ALERT. These have been in no particular order BTW. But in honor of Thursday night I have chosen a hot guy that also falls into the bad boy category. He started as a model from my home state of Ohio and has been in several movies that I have never seen and The Wedding Planner. Most recently he has starred in Grey's Anatomy. I have chosen

Justin Chambers. Too hot huh?
Some fun facts:
Justin and his wife Keisha have five children. From oldest to youngest, Isabella (b. 1997), twins Maya and Kaila (b. 1999), Eva (b. 2001) and Jackson (b 2002).
Was discovered by a modelling scout on the Paris subway.... subsequently represented Calvin Klein in fragrance campaign
He has a twin brother named Jason. He and Jason have one older brother and two older sisters.
He is from Springfield, Ohio.
1 of 5 siblings of Irish and German extraction.
Wife Keisha is a model agency booker that he met while he was modeling with Calvin Klein.
I will enjoy watching some Justin Chambers tonight. I will be back tomorrow with my newest hot guy.

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Needsleepy said...

Yummy...what is itabout those bad boys with attitudes that we all love? lol Very sexy and a DOCTOR! lol (well he plays one at least)
Nice Pick!