Monday, August 3, 2009


So I had a weird experience this morning. My husband had the day off after being out of town working for several days including the weekend. So, I got up at my normal time and started getting ready. The hubby was awake, but still in bed. I casually asked what he thought he might do today. He replied that he had a vastly full day of very important things that MUST be done today. I sort of feel sorry for him and ask him what he feels is so vital that he can’t have a day to do nothing! He replied that there are bills that need to be paid online, he needs to file some papers, and do laundry. Hmmm…. not exactly what I would call a full 8 hours, but hey, I didn’t work all weekend. So, feeling generous, I remind him that he paid all the bills before he left and that none came in the mail while he was gone. Item one – check. That I did laundry two days ago so he would really only need to wash what he brought home. Item two - check. Man, am I being helpful or what?! He will be able to read, watch a little TV, and whatever it is guys do to relax, right? Seems my thoughtfulness didn’t land.

Worse than that, he started with “why are you shouting at me?” Shouting, WTF?! Was I shouting? No, no I don’t think so. I thought I was being nice. Hmmm, failure to communicate. I tried to say, no, I am not shouting and I just want to help you have to do less. I already took care of the laundry; don’t waste your time rewashing what I already did. We have all these hand towels that nobody ever uses that we leave hanging up. We normally wash them once a week just in case someone decides to use them… don’t wash those again. I think “all better”. Oh no, this time he says that I am “attacking” him. By this time I am completely baffled and starting to get a little pissed. I proceed to tell him he is a big baby and should learn the difference between helpful and hurtful and that he is an over sensitive ninny. Let me just tell, that didn’t help matters! Not the right answer.

Somehow we manage to just forget. Several years of marriage will do that to you. We just get tired of arguing and decide we’re over it and move. There was no real resolution. But I will tell you, I will not offer to take away tasks so that he can relax anymore. Let him wash the damn towels twice next time! Lesson learned.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I realize it has been a little while since I have posted anything. I really don’t have a good reason. I guess nothing has struck me as blog worthy. I have gardened, painted a room, and continued on toward the Master’s Degree. Nothing really note worthy.
With the lack of a nice transition, I am just going to plow ahead like I haven’t a missed a day! For my husband’s birthday I got him a subscription to NetFlix. He immediately signed up for like 100 disks that is an old TV show he watched back in Germany in like the mid-eighties. It is a Vietnam War show that I had never heard of. I don’t mind war shows though so I gave it a try. It’s call Tour of Duty. Ever heard of it?

I doubt it. Anyway, I very quickly became obsessed with the show. I love the cast! Well of season one…. some changes in the second season that I just can’t get used to.
I have become completely obsessed with the LT. He is so freakin cute. Check him out:

Kind of HOT right. Well the pictures aren’t great, but they are from the 80’s so cut me a break here! You would have to watch the show to see his attitude and then you would love him too!
Well in my stocker-like obsession, I decided to google the show and see if it ever even aired in the US. Well, it did. I found out that my hunk was born in Cleveland, OH! WOW, I am from Ohio. I also found out that he is very OLD. Well, for me anyway. This is him in 2005….

Not really the same : ) I NEVER should have looked! But you may know him as Stephen Caffery who was in All My Children in the 70’s and then apparently has been on CSI: Miami and several other shows.

The moral of the story: Let the hot guy on TV BE the hot guy on TV! Being nosy gets you nowhere!

Friday, May 22, 2009


I realize it’s been awhile since I have posted anything, but I guess I just haven’t had anything say. Imagine that?!

Anyway, I was eavesdropping today and heard a conversation that I just had to share. These two men were sitting in a restaurant (no this isn’t a joke) and talking about how they BOTH lost their divers license for a year. They BOTH lost it for drinking and driving. Now, there aren’t a lot of things I am really against people doing, but drinking and driving is one of them. These two men were going on and on in the booth next to me talking about how it was not their fault! You can see why I had to keep listening to find out just who’s fault they thought it was. Well, nobody ever said. But they both agreed that the thing they got pulled over for had nothing to do with all the drinking they had done. One guy had crashed his motorcycle and felt pretty strongly that this was someone else’s fault and had nothing to do with the fact that he was drunk, driving a motorcycle, and had only one good eye and one glass-eye. The same guy said that he was planning to drive AGAIN THIS TIME. Apparently, he had lost his license not once before, but twice before. He had also been caught for drinking and driving twice in between and had been let off. He was fighting this DUI too and was planning to keep driving because he was not going to let the government tell him what to do. Both men went on and about how unfair this was. I was sitting there silently telling myself not to get involved, these people were not talking to me. I actually had to get up and leave after the man said something like if everyone would just ignore the punishment after losing their license for drinking and driving the courts would stop doing this! I knew I had to leave before I got myself into a fight with two grown men!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

deep thoughts

I have this habit of checking out the trashy mags while waiting in the check out line. I noticed the other day that Jennifer Gardner, who I love, said something like "I am so married. Nobody will ever flirt with me again". It struck me. I never thought of some beautiful person who is married to some other beautiful person as feeling that way too. I often think about being married, forever. That's a long time! Don't get me wrong, I love my husband. I couldn't have picked better. But don't you sometimes think man, I will never have another first date or first kiss? I will never have those butterflies in my belly about someone new again. That's kind of sad. It certainly makes me feel old!! I try to remember that I also will never have a boyfriend cheating with my "best friend" or a valentines day without someone to share it with. I have traded in superficial relationships for someone who really cares and knows more about me than I do. But really, that doesn't stop me from being sad about ever having this big romantic encounter! OHHH.... I know, a little deep for Easter Sunday when I should be very thankful for all the wonderful things in my life. Maybe it's all the ham and candy! I should take a nap like everyone else : )

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friendship Award from Needsleepy

Thank you Needsleepy! Your the best! I am supposed to post this poem with my own picks:

The Friendship Award is given to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to those bloggers who must choose at least 5 more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

My picks:
1. Life in Chauncealot
2. 52 Weeks in Korea
3. Chasing Cars
4. Life in the Slow Lane
5. Life the way I see it...

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I do NOT have a green thumb. Or the time to try. I was so excited when some pretty flowers (maybe Tullips) came up already this year. The family we purchased our house from had spent some time planting some really pretty flowers and bushes around our house. We were hoping that if we didn't touch them, they would just come back. And they did!

There were tons of these pretty flowers in many different colors in front of our house. I noticed in the morning before I went to work. I was so happy, I took this picture. I wanted more, but was running late for work!

When I came home later that evening this is what I found:

How sad is that?! Nothing left! Lots of pretty green stems. Barn those deer and bunnies! They eat everything!! I am so glad I didn't put in the effort to plant those. Imagine how upset I would be then....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy Idea

Myself and two of my co-workers decided we would agree to give up caffeine for 90 whole days. What a terrible idea! I am like three days into it and am finally not feeling like a crazy person. The first two days I felt like I could fall asleep at any time. I was so grumpy to everyone! At one point my husband begged me to just “go have a coke”. Which ended in me telling him how unsupportive he is…. I think I actually said “would you tell a drug user in detox to go use something to make them more bearable”? Like this is the same thing…
The first two nights when I came home from work I had a nap right away. I had great difficulty focusing on homework. I sat there for 20 minutes looking at words on paper, but could not focus on what they might actually mean. By 7 PM both nights I had a splitting headache. The good news is, I slept like a baby both nights and woke up feeling wide awake and great. But by 9 or 10 that morning, I would be dragging like crazy.
I really didn’t think I drank that much caffeine to begin with, but jeez, I guess so. I haven’t really craved the taste of coffee or coke (my drinks of choice) since the first day. I have always drank a lot of water, but now it’s pretty much all I have. On the plus side, I am a lot less hungry.
People have said how great I will feel after a few weeks of no caffeine… less tired… less grumpy… I don’t know, but I will just go back to feeling “normal” as in before I decided to take all the good stuff away..