Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I realize it has been a little while since I have posted anything. I really don’t have a good reason. I guess nothing has struck me as blog worthy. I have gardened, painted a room, and continued on toward the Master’s Degree. Nothing really note worthy.
With the lack of a nice transition, I am just going to plow ahead like I haven’t a missed a day! For my husband’s birthday I got him a subscription to NetFlix. He immediately signed up for like 100 disks that is an old TV show he watched back in Germany in like the mid-eighties. It is a Vietnam War show that I had never heard of. I don’t mind war shows though so I gave it a try. It’s call Tour of Duty. Ever heard of it?

I doubt it. Anyway, I very quickly became obsessed with the show. I love the cast! Well of season one…. some changes in the second season that I just can’t get used to.
I have become completely obsessed with the LT. He is so freakin cute. Check him out:

Kind of HOT right. Well the pictures aren’t great, but they are from the 80’s so cut me a break here! You would have to watch the show to see his attitude and then you would love him too!
Well in my stocker-like obsession, I decided to google the show and see if it ever even aired in the US. Well, it did. I found out that my hunk was born in Cleveland, OH! WOW, I am from Ohio. I also found out that he is very OLD. Well, for me anyway. This is him in 2005….

Not really the same : ) I NEVER should have looked! But you may know him as Stephen Caffery who was in All My Children in the 70’s and then apparently has been on CSI: Miami and several other shows.

The moral of the story: Let the hot guy on TV BE the hot guy on TV! Being nosy gets you nowhere!