Sunday, March 29, 2009


I do NOT have a green thumb. Or the time to try. I was so excited when some pretty flowers (maybe Tullips) came up already this year. The family we purchased our house from had spent some time planting some really pretty flowers and bushes around our house. We were hoping that if we didn't touch them, they would just come back. And they did!

There were tons of these pretty flowers in many different colors in front of our house. I noticed in the morning before I went to work. I was so happy, I took this picture. I wanted more, but was running late for work!

When I came home later that evening this is what I found:

How sad is that?! Nothing left! Lots of pretty green stems. Barn those deer and bunnies! They eat everything!! I am so glad I didn't put in the effort to plant those. Imagine how upset I would be then....

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crazy Idea

Myself and two of my co-workers decided we would agree to give up caffeine for 90 whole days. What a terrible idea! I am like three days into it and am finally not feeling like a crazy person. The first two days I felt like I could fall asleep at any time. I was so grumpy to everyone! At one point my husband begged me to just “go have a coke”. Which ended in me telling him how unsupportive he is…. I think I actually said “would you tell a drug user in detox to go use something to make them more bearable”? Like this is the same thing…
The first two nights when I came home from work I had a nap right away. I had great difficulty focusing on homework. I sat there for 20 minutes looking at words on paper, but could not focus on what they might actually mean. By 7 PM both nights I had a splitting headache. The good news is, I slept like a baby both nights and woke up feeling wide awake and great. But by 9 or 10 that morning, I would be dragging like crazy.
I really didn’t think I drank that much caffeine to begin with, but jeez, I guess so. I haven’t really craved the taste of coffee or coke (my drinks of choice) since the first day. I have always drank a lot of water, but now it’s pretty much all I have. On the plus side, I am a lot less hungry.
People have said how great I will feel after a few weeks of no caffeine… less tired… less grumpy… I don’t know, but I will just go back to feeling “normal” as in before I decided to take all the good stuff away..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

yummy cake

I made this really funny cake that I just have to share. I have an uncle Kenny that we have always called “Cat”. I guess because he grew up in the 70’s and often said someone was a “cool cat” or a “sly cat” when he was younger. To this day he calls people “cat” as in “that cat needs a hair cut”. So, for his 60th birthday/ retirement party I made him a kitty litter cake.
Isn’t it cool?

The kids loved it! They just thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. The best part is the guests ate every last bite of it.
It was super easy to make. Just a couple of cakes all broken up and mixed with vanilla pudding. And of course, tootsie rolls for poop! It was a lot of fun to make too. I would highly recommend this cake for Halloween or for someone who just really likes cats.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

You know you live in Appalachia if….

Driving home from work yesterday I got stuck behind an accident. It looked like a deer jumped out at the car in the right lane. That driver swerved into the left lane, but there was already a car there. So they were taking up both lanes. I had to wait about 5 minutes (yes, this is a traffic jam where I live) behind the cop. The cop was standing in this little ditch off the left lane next to this poor deer. The deer was on it’s back with all four legs in the air. He did not look good. It was pretty obvious it was dying. The cop just stood there next to it. Then I noticed this really old guy with white hair and a long white beard. The cop was actually guarding the deer from the old guy! The old guy started shouting at the cop “just shoot it”. The cop was saying I can’t, I can’t. At this point I turned down my radio and rolled down my window because the scene in front of me was so much more entertaining!
So the old guy is really getting worked up. I mean the deer really was in pain. So the old guy gets mad and says “well give me your gun; I’ll shoot it!” (there a large amount of profanity that I won’t share). Of course the cop says he can’t do that, right. Well that really makes the old man mad. He starts shouting like crazy about how he paid for the bullets in that gun with his taxes and how the cop wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for him! The cop really looks upset and like he’s not sure what to do. He just keeps saying “I’m sorry sir, I can’t do that. And I can’t shoot it”.
I was cracking up laughing. I thought the old guy was going to explode. More cops came to the rescue and cleaned up the scene enough for me to get by. So, I had to leave. I really wanted to stay and see the rest of the show, but I thought they may not like that seeing how they already had one crazy person to deal with.
Later that night we drove in town right past where the deer had been. It’s not there anymore…..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Men are such babies…

The worst finally happened. Dirk has a COLD. You would think the man is dying! He has a cough that does sound pretty yucky. But it is a COLD! He came home from doing some things on Saturday morning and went right to the couch. I had a Tupperware party to attend (oh joy) and when I got home like 3 hours later there he was still on the couch. Whining about how he was hungry, but didn’t want anything “heavy”. We have no soup in can that he was willing to eat. I ended up making the man homemade chicken noodle soup, pouring his glass after glass of juice, and adjusting the heat over and over to suit his whims. Why am I doing this you might ask. Because it is so much easier to just do it than let him keep whining!! Now, it really wouldn’t bother me if I received the same treatment when I am sick. But oh no. When I had a small out patient surgery I came home and made dinner! I often hear “suck it up”. He gets to cry around of two days and do little else. At one point I said something about his needing to remember this when I am sick. Later he said, “you realize you’ll never get this back don’t you?”. Oh I could have poured the soup on his head, but he already ate it.

My mom and I went out to run some errands and I got some extra strength cough medicine that is for night time. My mom noticed and reminded me that Dirk doesn’t like to take drowsy medicine because he doesn’t like “medicine head”. I offered that she go take care of him if I can’t knock him out. He is much easier to deal with when he is sleeping it off in the bedroom. Where is he now? Sound asleep since about 9 last night! Thank you Nyquil.