Sunday, February 15, 2009

The less poo attempt

I pride myself on trying new things. So, when Danielle comes to work one day talking about how she is trying to embrace her “inner-hippy” I thought hmmm maybe I should get in on that. I checked out her “No-poo” blog and decided to give it a shot. (For more info check out Danielle and Mason’s blog). The short story is that Danielle has found some information about how you should not use shampoo on your hair and gave it up as an experiment. Ok, I’m not all about that. I shampoo my hair every single day. I also blow dry and flat iron; all of which is on the no-no list.
You might be wondering why I would try this out. I used to have very thick full hair. In fact, I used to have to have it thinned when I got it cut because it gave me headaches. Not so much anymore. Every time I brush my hair like a pound of hair comes out. It’s so bad that Dirk has to use a screwdriver every few weeks to clean out our drains!! Awful, I know. I thought cutting back on the washes would help with the hair loss… otherwise I will be bald very soon.
I decided that I need to take baby steps to the no poo. For about two weeks I have only been shampooing about three times a week. The other days I either just kind of massage my scalp in the shower (water wash) or use just conditioner. I thought using just condition would make my hair so much more oily, but it doesn’t. It’s actually great.
I really thought this would be harder than it has been. The first time I didn’t shampoo it got a little oily. In fact my whole face felt pretty oily all day.

Kinda gross huh? I mean besides the terrible roots... I know, I need a little dye! And Dirk would not help me take pictures; excuse my attempt and photographing my own head! It was not easy.
By the end of the first week you could hardly tell anymore.
The good news is that I am losing way less hair now. My hair feels much more soft and healthy. The next step is to cut back even more and wash only once a week. Then cut out that shampoo at the wash. I will try to remember to take some more pictures so I can show you how it goes.


Danielle and Mason said...

I'm so glad you joined The Hair Club!!! I think your hair looks great by the way!

Brooke said...

Thank you! It was a great idea. We'll see if I can ever be "poo free"