Saturday, November 8, 2008

When is football season over?

So, I’ll be honest ladies. I thought I hit the jackpot when I first started dating my husband and he proclaimed that he did not understand the obsession of “American football”. He is German and often said that “football (soccer) is the only sport worth watching”. Well, I heard “you will never have be stuck watching football again”. I mean, I can stand soccer. It only lasts 90 minutes and there aren’t that many games on. I managed to smile my way through many Gladcach games. Those fans are sure entertaining to watch!

Imagine my surprise when a few months after we moved back to the States, my wonderful German husband took a liking to college football. I blame the Florida Gators. As it happens, our first year in Florida, the Gators won the Nation Championship. So, it began. All of you know what football season is like…… college AND pro… then basketball…. and of course soccer… both German and US league….

All of this is building up to my story from today. My husband was given some tickets to the Parents Weekend game for our local university. Having grown up here, I am not all that excited about sitting in the cold watching a very poor team lose to a team that is almost as bad. We often go to sporting events, but this one is just not for me. But, when my husband’s buddies got called out of town for work, I smiled and agreed to go. Just as I thought, it was freezing cold and our team didn’t score even one touchdown. After only three hours, we headed home. I did not complain about my freezing bum and hands the whole time!! I made dinner while he (you guessed it) watched another game on TV. We rarely eat in front of the TV, but it’s a weekend, right? The first thing I said when I sat down was “please don’t make me watch football while I eat!”. He assured me that there was only one minute left of this game and it’s very important that Penn State losses. I guess somehow we can about that because it would bump Florida up in the standings. So, I close my mouth and wait out the “one minute” which quickly becomes three. Finally though, game over and no arguing. Penn States loses, yea! I have been doing my best this far not to shout out that I have had enough football for one day. Low and behold, there is another game that is “almost over” . Well, this game is still not over when I have finished eating. Now, time to dishes, so much fun. I will give Dirk credit though. He did get up to dry the dishes. However, he couldn’t miss a second of the game. So, he proceeded to pick up a wet newly washed dish and carry it over so he could see the TV. Dry it. Walk back over to pick up another dish. And so on until the dishes are done. I casually mention that I might want to watch something with him… could we pick out a movie or something. I wanted to scream when he said the Gators are playing at 8! I mumbled something about having my fill of football for the day. Thus, my new blog.

As I sit here and vent, Dirk brought me a bottle of water because “I thought you might be thirsty”. Now, I feel a little bad about complaining. But can anyone tell me when football season is over???


Danielle and Mason said...

I feel your pain Brooke!!

chichiluv2 said...

I completelu understand. My husband is always willing to go out and do things with me- but heaven for bid I schedule something around football. You'd swear I committed a crime.. Lol His answer to it all is that if I tuly understood the game- I too would be addicted. I don't think so!