Friday, December 12, 2008

Here's your sign....

I am very lucky and excited to be spending Christmas in Germany this year. My husband is German (yes like fresh off the boat German… does that work with Europe too or just southern counties??). Anyway, he has only lived here about two years now. So, we are happy to be going back to Germany for Christmas and his brother’s wedding, which we never thought would happen.
I suppose I should explain a little. I lived in Germany for three years. We met and married there. It is kind of funny to me that others are so interested and surprised that we go back to visit. Lots of people ask some really good questions about how things are overseas. Having traveled most of Europe while I was there, I also have lots of stories that I am happy to share.

Just a side note, I have two very funny questions that I have been asked. My own mother (who had never been out of the States at the time) actually asked if “they have cell phones over there”. Crazy, right. I mean turn on the freakin news would ya. She has now visited there and fell in love with the landscape and friendly people. The other question is forgivable because my niece asked it when she was like 8 years old. But she was always very fascinated by the time difference. Everytime she called she would ask what time is it there. Everytime she would say wow that’s so cool. Well, what she didn’t really get was that while it was a different time zone things happen at sort of the same pace. I got some American TV channels right. So, she was shocked when she called to see, I’m not kidding here, WHO WON THE SUPERBOWL!! How funny! I had a difficult time explaining that I was 7 hours AHEAD not 7 hours in the FUTURE! The American Superbowl had not taken place in Germany before the US!! You gotta love kids right! Seriously, I think she wanted to make some bets and thought I could win her some money!

Ok, so the real reason for blog was to tell you all that I have had what I think are hilarious conversations that go something like:

Brooke: Oh, I can’t go, we will be in Germany then.
Other: Cool, Germany. What for?
Brooke: (After all this time people get the shortened answer). Christmas with the in-laws and a wedding (as if I am talking about driving two hours upstate right)
Other: Wow! That will be a lot of fun!

This is almost always followed by ARE YOU FLYING? It kills me not to say, nope we are swimming. We’re leaving tomorrow so we can make it there on time. I know it’s kind of mean. I understand that many people don’t get to do a lot of traveling around our own country let alone any place else. But seriously, do people actually take boats to Europe anymore? Isn’t that called a cruise? Wouldn’t I have said we are taking a cruise? Are there even boat companies that transport people? I guess there probably still are, but can you imagine how badly one would have to hate flying to be willing to sit on a boat for that long? I am already dreading that long flight, but by boat? Seriously!
That got me thinking are there other options? I guess you could consider driving up to Canada then through the Barren Strait, over to Russia, and down. I am not sure if there is land connecting Alaska to Russia? I guess I will have to ask Sarah Palin. Can you drive it? How many hours would that take? Again, why not FLY?

I know I am crazy. But I have heard this question so many times, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I always think of Bill Engvol and the here’s your sign jokes… I just love those because they are so true!

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aries28 said...

How great to have lived in Germany. I have German relatives there somewhere. I have never traveled outside of the US except to Mexico. I am hoping 2009 will change that for me. I like what you have to say. I also know exactly how you feel about cell phones. Now it seems they are a pre-requisite to living :) Take care! Cathy